In 1927, the early days of the East Texas Oil Boom, Frank E. Hutchison founded Hutchison Manufacturing Company to serve the many aspects of the oil industry. In 1938, Mr. Hutchison introduced the "RUMBA" shale shaker to the drilling industry to separate hole cuttings from the drilling mud. He coined the phrases "Shale Shaker" and "Rumba Action" to describe the shale shaker's vibratory motion.

Today Hutchison Hayes continues to be a leader in this field with its high performance drilling mud centrifuges.

History and Significant Milestones
2012 Hutchison-Hayes celebrates 85 years
2008 Hutchison-Hayes was sold to a Global Engineering Solutions Company and renamed Hutchison Hayes Separation Inc.

HH 845 RenderPure vertical disc centrifuge was developed

2002 Hutchison-Hayes sold the product line of electrical lights to THO Lighting
2001 Hutchison-Hayes develops the Duster Mud dryer system
1999 Hutchison-Hayes develops the HH 1200 Separator
1998 Hutchison-Hayes moved to the current location at Beltway 8 East and Interstate 10
1997 Hutchison-Hayes Purchased Centrifuge Specialist Inc.
1996 Hutchison-Hayes sold the Shaker line of products to Fluid Systems
1994 HH 5500 decanter centrifuge was introduced to the market
1988 HH 1448 decanter centrifuge was developed for the Oilfield market
1974 Gulf Oil sold Hutchison Hayes International, Inc. to John F. Joplin and William F. Joplin.
1970 Mr. Hayes sold Hutchison-Hayes International, Inc. to Gulf Oil Company.
1969 Hutchison-Hayes International, moved from Ave U to De Zavalla Rd in Channelview Texas, with deep water access to the Houston Ship Channel. The facility includes a Rig up Yard and Deep water dock
1966 Hutchison Manufacturing Company was purchased by Mr. James L. Hayes , Mr. Hutchison's son in-law and the name was changed to Hutchison-Hayes International, Inc.
1965 After 38 years of owning and operating Hutchison Manufacturing Company, Mr. Hutchison passes away.
1959 Frank E. Hutchison was awarded a patent on a explosion proof derrick girth light.
1940 Hutchison Manufacturing Co's "Rumba" Shaker becomes the first mass produced Shaker for the oilfield industry
1939 Frank E. Hutchison was awarded a patent on a vibrating screen design
1938 Hutchison Manufacturing Company introduces the "Rumba" Shaker
1927 Frank E. Hutchison founded Hutchison Manufacturing Company in Houston, Texas.

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