Updating Centrifuge Technology - Improving Performance of Established Equipment | Centrifuge Equipment Upgrade

Updating Centrifuge Technology - Improving Performance of Established Equipment | Centrifuge Equipment Upgrade

Each month Hutchison Hayes Separation will focus on highlighting a case study from working with one of our customers.  Case Studies will range across multiple industries as is the nature of our clients and will cover elements of centrifuge implementation, mechanical and electrical repair.   Each case study will outline the objective of the project and the arrived upon solution derived from working with our customers.  

With over 85 years of history in the centrifuge industry we hope to share what we have learned from our customers and keep them abreast of existing technology.  We may not have invented the centrifuge, but we have been working on them a heck of a long time.

Often times today, operators find that the mechanical aspect of their centrifuge system is in good shape, but the operating system has been left in the dust by the advancement of technology. This is especially true with decanter centrifuge back drive operating systems.

Originally, the decanter screw conveyor was held in place by a fixed torque arm and in many applications still is. When variable screw conveyor speeds were required, one of the first methods of control was the Eddy Current Brake.  The Eddy Current Brake is a DC voltage based speed control. 

Unfortunately, parts for this type of control system are becoming increasingly hard to find. As an alternative, Hutchison Hayes Separation was able to provide a brand new screw conveyor speed control system that is PLC based and uses an off the shelf AC inverter duty drive motor. 

The new control system utilizes HMI touch screen technology and allows the customer complete control of their screw conveyor operating speed. Additionally, several operating modes are offered. The Torque, or Load, Control operating mode allows for consistent process outputs despite fluctuating feed stream conditions.

This AC inverter duty motor, PLC based control system is an easy upgrade to just about any decanter centrifuge. It allows the operator many more years of trouble free performance from their mechanically sound decanter centrifuge.

Upcoming Trade Show Appereance

We will be exhibiting at the World Dairy Expo, October 4 – 7, 2016 in Madison Wisconsin. Along with our partner, Nutrient Control Systems. Our booth number is TC #882 & 883 at the Alliant Energy Center in Madison. We will have our HH5500 SlimLine Hydraulic on display. This decanter centrifuge is designed for nutrient removal from cattle manure.


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