Product Comparison

You get what you pay for….


How many times in your life have you heard that classic sound bite from your local sales representative. It really doesn’t matter what industry you are in. It’s a universal response to the classic objection, “Your product costs too much!”.

Your inner salesman voice is screaming, “of course my product costs more, it works better, and it’s built better. It will last longer.” But we know from experience that those thoughts, if spoken out loud, would fall on deaf ears a majority of the time. So, instead, we fall back on “Whelp, you get what you pay for!” generally as a parting shot as we walk out the door.

How satisfying would it be if you could take the customer on a little trip. Say, down the old “here’s what you get” highway. I imagine that it would go something like this….



HH 1a HH 1b


  • A stainless casing and cover large enough to not plug up with solids
  • Sixteen cover clamps versus only eight
  • Brand name identification on frame casting
  • Heavy duty lid lift spring assist assembly
  • Two 48” side rail casing mounts versus six 3.5” casing mounts
  • Steel I-beam skid construction versus fabricated tubular steel



HH 2a HH 2b


  • Heavy duty lid lift spring assist, that is also offered as an “in the field” retrofit for older models versus a lid assist assembly offered only as an original factory option
  • Open cover pull pin to secure lid in the open position for safety versus not offered



HH 3a HH 3b


  • Diamond plate and expanded metal grate for traction and ease of clean up versus slippery solid steel plate
  • Motor slide base installed with elevation for ease of cleaning and ease of adjustment versus slide base bolted direct to steel plate that is hard to get a wrench on for adjustment and impossible to clean under
  • Easy to grip large cover handles allow two-hand operation versus small one-hand handle with no leverage



HH 4a HH 4b


  • Control panel mounted on vibration isolators for protection of components during road travel versus panel hard mounted to stand that will feel every road pothole



HH 5a HH 5b


  • Heavy duty torque overload assembly with support mount integral to base casting versus smaller, lighter duty, bolt on model
Reduced Pricing on Parts and Repairs