Oilfield Centrifuge Applications

Decanter Centrifuges are a key component in drilling mud cleaning on a Drilling Rig and Hutchison Hayes has been offering solids control equipment to the oilfield for nearly 100 Years.  To maintain drilling mud in an optimum condition results in less waste, reduced operating cost and a high efficiency of the total solids control system.  

Mechanical separation of solids from the mud system through the use of a Decanter is a highly-effective means of maintaining proper mud weight and viscosity. When properly used Decanters enable users to maintain the mud properties within the prescribed range as per the drilling program. Typically, decanters are the last processing units in the line-up of solids control equipment.

Hutchison Hayes has developed a wide range of decanting centrifuge equipment to provide optimal results.  In weighted drilling fluid systems, decanters recover as much as 95% of heavy barite, which is returned to be re-used in the active system, while also removing finer, lower-gravity solids.  By discarding lower-gravity solids our equipment is able to maintain a higher level of fluid consistency and help produce higher drilling efficiencies.

In dewatering systems, Decanters significantly reduce liquid discharge volumes and enhance total solids control system efficiency
Hutchison Hayes Separation Inc. offers the following decanters for the above applications:

Additionally Disc stack centrifuges are essential on offshore rigs to keep Fuel and lube oil in top condition.

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